Explore a New Dimension of Gaming

The Absolute Best Full Body, Free Roam VR Experience

Engage all senses

State of the Art Technology

High frame rate headsets with advanced lenses, paired with today's most powerful computers, and weapons with realistic recoil deliver an experience like no other.

Full Body Tracking

We use the latest real-time tracking technology to accurately track users head, torso, feet, and hands, to transport you into another dimension.

100m² of Movement Freedom

Full range of motion in a 10x10m arena allow you and your friends to explore new worlds completely untethered.

4D Virtual Reality Immersion

Have the most authentic and reality-defying experience by interacting with real objects, feeling wind and heat, and even smelling your environment.


“Unlike any experience I've ever had, truly something I'll remember forever! ”

– Adam Sendler




2 - 5 Players
Full body tracking with complete movement freedom in our 10x10m arena! Featuring state of the art technology for the most authentic and reality-defying experience. You'll be able to interact with real objects, feel wind and heat, and even smell your environment!



2 - 6 Players
Our fastest-paced and largest 16x9m arena gets your adrenaline running with complete movement freedom! Battle your friends and compete for the top spot, or team up and work together to repel the zombie hordes. 

How does it all work?


    Pick which experience you want to play

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    Use our online booking system to reserve your time


    Show up 15 minutes before your time to get equipped

  • PLAY

    Enjoy a truly next-generation experience

Ready to experience a new reality?

Where to find us

15 Wiltshire Lane, Delacombe, Vic, 3356, Australia

0499 535 568



Monday - Thursday By appointment
Friday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 12.30pm - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm

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